Ranjan Sen

ProfileSenior Lecturer in Linguistics
School of English, University of Sheffieldtuoslogo_key_rgb_lo

Room 2.23, Jessop West
1 Upper Hanover Street
S3 7RA

Phone number: +44 (0)114-222-0233
Email : ranjan(dot)sen at sheffield.ac.uk


My main research interest is sound change. I focus particularly on developing techniques to reconstruct and account for phonological change over time, and investigating to what extent synchronic structure plays a role in diachronic phonology. One aim is to improve methods used to access fine-grained phonetic evidence from dead languages, to allow a better evaluation of theories of change grounded in phonetics. In addition to phonological theory and historical linguistics, I have research and teaching interests in phonetics, psycholinguistics, and language acquisition.

I completed my doctorate (DPhil) in Comparative Philology and General Linguistics at the University of Oxford in December 2009. My thesis, ‘Syllable and Segment in Latin’, focused upon Latin phonology and diachronic explanation in phonological theory, and a re-worked version (for a more phonological/general linguistic audience) has been published as a monograph will be published by Oxford University Press in the series Oxford Studies in Diachronic and Historical Linguistics.

Prior to the doctorate, I was awarded the MPhil in General Linguistics and Comparative Philology, and the BA Hons/MA in Literae Humaniores (Classics), both at the University of Oxford.

After the DPhil, I was a Teaching Fellow at University College London in 2009-10, and a Research Associate and Visiting Lecturer at the University of Oxford in 2010, before joining the School of English at the University of Sheffield in September 2010.

I was a Visiting Professor in Phonology in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Toronto, Canada from February to December 2014.