Profile PictureRanjan Sen


D. Phil., University of Oxford
December 2009

Comparative Philology and General Linguistics

College:                Christ Church
Thesis title:        Syllable and Segment in Latin
Supervisors:      Professor John S. Coleman, Dr. John H. W. Penney
Examiners:         Internal: Dr. Philomen Probert,
External: Dr. Bert Vaux, University of Cambridge

M. Phil., University of Oxford
July 2005

General Linguistics and Comparative Philology

M.A./B.A. Honours, University of Oxford
July 1999

Literae Humaniores (Classics)


University of Sheffield, School of English
Sept 2010–present

Lecturer in Linguistics

University of Toronto, Department of Linguistics
Feb–Dec 2014

Visiting Professor in Phonology

University of Oxford, Faculty of Linguistics
April–July 2010

Research Associate, Phonetics Laboratory
Visiting Lecturer in Linguistics

University College London,
Research Department of Linguistics

Sept 2009–Sept 2010

Teaching Fellow – Phonology

Ernst & Young LLP, London
Jan 2000–Aug 2003

Tax Consultant, Artist Group

Awards & Scholarships


  • Gaisford Graduate Dissertation Prize 2008
  • University Greats Philology Prize 1999
  • Stanley Robinson Prize in Literae Humaniores 1999
  • University Honour Moderations Philology Prize 1997

Scholarships & Grants

  • Santander Research Mobility Award, February 2015
  • British Academy/Leverhulme Small Research Grant 2014 (with Joan Beal and Nuria Yáñez-Bouza)
  • Faculty of Arts and Humanities Small Grant 2014
  • Arts and Humanities Research Council Doctoral Award 2005–2008
  • Wingate Scholarship 2005–2008
  • Linguistics, Philology & Phonetics Scholarship 2003–2005
  • Hugh Pilkington Scholarship 2003–2004
  • Scholar of Christ Church 1997–1999

Research Areas


  • Synchronic phonology: phonetically-grounded versus formal phonological explanation
  • Diachronic phonology: explanatory loads of phonetics and synchronic structure
  • Prosodic structure and sound change: the interaction of segments, syllables and feet (segment length, deletion, epenthesis)
  • Phonological recoding in reading aloud to ascertain mental representations (exemplar project)

Historical Linguistics & Comparative Philology

  • Historical phonology of Latin from Proto-Indo-European to Proto-Romance
  • Indo-European Linguistics: comparative and historical phonology, morphology and syntax of Italic, Greek, Sanskrit, Germanic, and Proto-Indo-European
  • Eighteenth-century English: constructing a pronunciation database to address phonological problems
  • Diachronic effects of loss of morphological analysis on phonology


  • Reconstructing non-contrastive aspects of non-current languages

Summary of Teaching

PhD Supervision

  • Second supervisor in Applied Linguistics (Phonology)

MA English Language and Linguistics, MA Applied Linguistics

  • Phonological Acquisition
  • Linguistic Theory and Language Acquisition
  • Phonology, Advanced Phonology (University of Oxford)


  • Sounds of English
  • Phonology
  • Psychology of Language
  • Comparative Philology
  • Interface of Phonetics and Phonology
  • Advanced Phonology (UCL)
  • Grammatical Analysis (University of Oxford)
  • Latin Syntax, Latin Historical Linguistics (University of Oxford)

Administrative Positions

School of English, University of Sheffield

  • Course Director of the MA in Language Acquisition 2011–2014
  • English Language and Linguistics Assessments Officer 2013
  • Harassment Officer 2012–2013
  • Disability and Mental Health Liaison Officer 2011–2013
  • Co-convener of the School of English Research Seminar 2010–2012


  • Music – Sheffield Philharmonic Chorus 2013–present